The Papuan Red Fruit (Buah Merah)

Pandanus Conoideus is a plant that grows in the mountain regions of Papua, Indonesia. It bears a miraculous fruit which the Papuans call “kuansu” or “buah merah” which literally means a “red fruit” in Indonesia. It can grow in huge sizes around 100 cm in length, 18 cm in diameter length and weighs about 7.5 kg. The fruit has a  blunt edge and cylindrical shape. It has known several medicinal applications which the natives use and was also  believed to be a good supplement.


RED FRUIT (Pandanus conoideus)

Red fruit (Pandanus conoideus, Lam) plant species in New Guinea are already known and have been consumed since time immemorial by people of New Guinea Central Mountains around (Jayawijaya, Puncak Jaya, Mimika, nabire, Paniai Lakes) and then spread to other areas in Papua.


Red fruit crops including family pandan-pandanan, seeds blown one and have several branches.

1. Leaves
Green and wax-coated (mature leaves), parallel, long-finned leaves composed + 2.3 m, surface curved leaves, leaves the bone ends of the leaves taper, edge of the leaf and Undercoat t-bone leaves stand paste.

2. Stem
Circles of stem + 50 cm tall trees always reaches 8 m. Trees have branches + 5 branches, trunks color whitish Brown.

3. the roots
The long, round-shaped root like cylinder with long + 5 m from the ground surface, growing somewhat upright direction upwards, and then create a branching stem diameter range 10 – 15 cm with the surface of the stems of prickly.

4. Fruit
Young fruits are Brown, green, fruit of an old red-coloured (red type), yellow (the yellow type). Fruit almost resembles a triangle shape or trapezoid, and at first blush like jackfruit fruit. The fruit is ready to harvest (type LL) marked the change from pink to dark red, and then will be followed by former cracks on fruits. When left


1. Planting

The plant was developed through the child out of the roots, chicks with a height of + 75 cm, having trimmed some leaves can be planted.

The child that has the roots, can be planted in a hole (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m), planted in the rainy season, with a distance of planting 10 x 10 m.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance plant red fruit include: cleared the grass/wild plants around crops, plants that grow sturdy membumbun/powerful, give organic fertilizer as necessary, making the garden fence if there are wild boar, trim the branches of the plant if it grows too much, trim the leaves that are old/dry.

3. Pests of plants

Main pests of fruit crops include Red boar (plants), rats (damaging the fruit), Ant (making a nest around the stems of the plant).


Red fruits bear fruit after 3–4 years, time of flowering and ripening stadia full takes 3 months. Harvest time fell in August to November. Red fruit can reach a weight of 11.5 kg 70 cm long fruit, middle circle 27,5 cm.


Water : : 64,45 %

Abu : 1,99 %

Protein : 9,68 %

Fiber : 4,56 %

Vitamin A : 48,10 IU

Vitamin B : 11.5 mg/100 gr

Vitamin C : 16.5 mg/100 gr

Ca : 3000 ppm

P : 690 ppm

Fe : 420 ppm


The fruit is processed meat originating from seeds of 1 cm, which cover the surface of the fruit, the meat a lot containing protein and fat. How to take the meat of the fruit by way of splitting the two lengthwise, then part of the wood removed and only live slab collection of seeds.

4. a mix of Cuisines
Mixed vegetable dishes/tubers. Meat fruit such as coconut, scrunched then put into vegetable/tubers that will be cooked.

5. the closure of the
Mashed fruit flesh with cold water is already cooked, and then deposited into the starch jelly was made ready.

6. Cosmetics/Dyes
To dye natural materials, cosmetics, which certainly would have had a negative effect is smaller than synthetic materials.

7. Dried Bread
Red fruit juices can be made into starch ingredient dough bakery/pastries.

8. animal feed
Red fruit can be made into additional livestock feed laying hens egg yolk color, the result is older and more thickened and can increase product omega-9, non cholesterol, contain pigment (carotene).

9. Healing the eye/skin
Sari red fruit starch if drunk regularly it can heal diseases skin and eyes.