A Stronger Heart

A man from Pacitan worked with PT Pos Indonesia in Jakarta. His name is Mr. Koesdijono. He had difficulty breathing and was very weak because he had suffered a heart attack.

He got the heart attack in 1987 and had another one in 2004 because of not getting enough rest and not enough sleep. When Mr. Koesdijono had his second heart attack, he was working in his office. An ambulance took him to Harapan Kita hospital in Jakarta. He went straight into the emergency room.

The doctor said that there were three problems in his pulse as it reached 80%. No way out except undergoing by pass surgery right away. The surgery went well and he was released from the hospital on February 16, 2004. He joined a rehabilitation group for a speedy recovery. He also did some exercises at home. The Doctor suggested to him to eat more vegetables and fruits and change his pattern of life, so that he would be less stressed out.

Mr. Koesdijono however did not only have a heart problem, but also a gastriic problem. He had a problems with his digestion system and had a hard time to discharge.

One morning, during a health discussion on TV, he watched a testimony about the advantages of red fruit oil that cured a woman from HIV/Aids. He became very interested to consume the red fruit oil also. After consuming the red fruit oil he felt much stronger, walks every day for 3 km now and his gastric and digestion problems were totally a thing of the past.