Buah Merah Mix Review on Natural Organic Antioxidant

BUAH MERAH MIX is distributed by Essensa Naturale Inc., Buah Merah Mix a healthy and refreshing juice drink. Enriched with Natural Antioxidant called BETA-crypthoxanthin, the highest form of Beta-carotene that boosts the immune system with synergistic combination of fruits and green superfoods like BARLEY, MANGOSTEEN, MORINGA, WHEAT GRASS, GUYABANO, STEVIA and BUAH MERAH FRUIT extract.

Buah Merah Mix Synergy of 6 Antioxidant

BUAH MERAH belongs to a pandan family. It’s fruit is eaten in Papua in Indonesia. In Papua they called it kuansu, while in Indonesia they called it Buah Merah or the RED FRUIT.

It was formulated in the Philippines by a Filipino Chemist, Ms. Jocelyn Alcasabas and Mr. Jim Paulo Alcasabas, a licensed Chemist.

jocelyn and jim paolo alcasabas

A FDA Philippines APPROVED product and it is SAFE to use.

Buah Merah Mix Review

This is my personal experience and review for using Buah Merah Mix. I am OFW working in Saudi Arabia for 3 years now and after 3 years of working I was assigned in a remote area in a gas plant in Saudi Aramco. One day when I went home, my colleague requested for a free WIFI and the DLINK router was installed one meter away beside my bed. After 3 months upon installation of the WIFI/Router, I feel something different in my body, I feel so much stressed, my forehead is getting numbed, I feel difficulties in breathing at night, I can’t sleep or I woke up as early as 2:00 in the morning and I can’t sleep anymore. Until such time that my illness is getting worst. I feel pain and a strong blood flow in my left and right kidney, and ringing in my ears. I went to the doctor for X-ray, ultrasound, urine and stool test but everything (the result) is normal. That time I found out that the radiation of the WIFI is the culprit of my illnesses.

Then one day, I saw on facebook post the Buah Merah Mix, I search from the google the health benefits of this product and I found out the it is a powerful antioxidant that promotes natural healing. It is also called a miracle fruit because of the testimonials that cures degenerative diseases.

When I left Saudi Arabia on last week of June 2015, I decided to purchase the Buah Merah Mix Dealer Package worth P8,480 as personal use because and also for my wife who have a thyroid problem. After 2 weeks of using Buah Merah Mix, I feel good and the numbness on my forehead is gone but the pain in my kidneys and back pain still there. Until now I am still taking Buah Merah Mix orally as food supplement and antioxidant but after 1 month of using this product, everything is back to normal. My kidneys and back pain is gone. I could say that “Buah Merah Mix is a universal cure“.

After 1 month I decided to start my own business as a Service Center of Buah Merah Mix by Essensa Naturale. Service Center Package in worth P130,000. Would you believe that the return of investment is just 15 days only??? The product talks by itself, just share the testimonies and the goodness of the product. I’m not only earning money, but I’m also helping others for the goodness of their health. Earn extra income while keeping yourself and family healthy!

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Buah Merah Mix Dealer

Dealership Package Price: P8,480.00

Package Inclusions:

25 Bottles of Buah Merah Mix
+ 5 FREE Bottles of Buah Merah Mix (Total of 30 Bottles)
+ 5 FREE Red Mint Liniment All Natural Pain Reliever Cream
+ Online Business Tracking Center
+ Eco Bag
+ Marketing Brochures and Flyers
+ Registration Forms and Price lists

Sa iyong Initial Inventory palang, malaki na kaagad ang iyong ROI (Return of Investment) kapag nabenta mo lahat ng produkto.

Let’s Compute:

30 Bottles x 350 (SRP) = P10,500
5 Red Mint x 350 (SRP) = P1,750
Total Gross Sales = P12,250
Less Initial Investment = P8,480
Less Shipping Fee = P450
Income = P3,320

Sa Initial Inventory mo palang, kumita ka na kaagad ng P3,320 Pesos!! At dyan palang nag sisimula ang Career mo sa pag bebenta ng Buah Merah Mix Online!!


TRY and experience yourself the AMAZING and the health Benefits of this product.

Direction for use:

How to drink buah merah mix

  • Push/open bottle cap.
  • Add 300ml cold water or up to indicated level mark outside the bottle.
  • Shake well. Kip lid closed. Refrigerate after opening. Keep in a cool, dry place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

SERVING SUGGESTION: 1 to 2 caps, 30 minutes to 1 hour before meal, drink it along with a 1 glass of water.

According to people who have testified this product it really works for those who have diabetes and cancer problems.

Some Review and Testimonies from Buah Merah Mix Users

Dialysis patient, bumaba ang creatinine level after 6 bottles of Buah Merah Mix, from 1200 naging 700 na lang. Pati doctor ay hindi makapaniwala sa Miracle na nagagawa ng Buah Merah Mix.

How to Lower the creatinine level naturally

65 year old Senior Citizen, “I am energetic and feel young…” Mam Patricia is using Buah Merah Mix as food supplement.

Senior Citizen energetic and feel young.

A 71 year old Guy who worked with different Pharmaceutical companies then finally retired as coca cola officer. He had maintenance for his Heart Problem, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and later developed Prostate Problem as well. He was under maintenance medication for 15 years and and the accumulation of too much synthetic drugs made half body paralyzed and make him weak. He know Buah Merah Mix through his daughter in Macau when instead of asking pasalubong, the daughter requester for 20 Buah Merah Mix (which later she made 40 bottles) he has no choice but to look for it.  He was amazed that by taking 1 bottle cap before strolling made him strong enough and non-lethargic to do long walks since there’s nothing to do when you’re abroad but to roam around. When he got back to Philippines, he started taking religiously 1 bottle cap 3x a day and after 6 months he was declared free of maintenance by his Doctors.

How nice to be free from maintenance after taking Buah Merah Mix 1 bottle cap 3x a day.


It’s nice to have anti-oxidants regularly as it can help cleanse your system though it would be important to check first if the product would be good for you as we have different body chemistry.

It’s great to take natural supplements to complete our diet. This is to prevent diseases and not only to treat them.

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