Buah Merah Survivor Testimonials

At early stage, red fruit oil was tested only to about 400 cancer victims at some regions. It is proven that buah merah oil can cure until 60-70% recovery level to the consumers. Even, many patients recovered totally. Patients which have consumed buah merah oil as medicine are the victims of cancer, cholesterol, rheumatics, diabetes, hypertension, lungs spots, hepatitis, coroner heart, stroke, eye, immune system problems, osteoporosis up to HIV Aids.

Buah Merah Survivor Success Story

“The cancer in me got smaller thanks to buah merah”

Born on July 13, 1980, this young girl is an actress and commercial star at the same time. She already starred sixteen films and three commercials for her looks. When she felt some pain during her period, she started to sense a strange thing in her cervix. Having been examined, some endovestrosen, a growing tissue that normally arises during the menstruation and is a potential cancer, was detected. She was shocked by this result as the doctor told her. “I got a cancer cell in my uterus,” she sighed about the misfortune. Ussy – Actress, Presenter and Commercial Star

“There will be a world-leading cure for cancer”.

A few years before buah merah became well known in Java and Bali and other islands in Indonesia, this attractive lady had ever said that there would be a world-leading plant to cure cancer. By its arrival, which has been proved to treat malignant cells, she adds, “I think it is this fruit that I meant some years ago.” Therefore, continuous researches on this fruit are needed so that it can be used by the whole world. Mama Lauren – Dutch Paranormal and Practitioner

“I advised my patients to take some buah merah supplement”.

Dr. Alvin was first attracted to buah merah when he read about it in “TRUBUS” (the number 1 agricultural magazine in the country). At that time, the volume presented the benefits and the substance and all about it as a new medicinal plant.

At first, he consumed it only for himself. Due to the high content of beta-carotene, he was sure that the oil of this fruit would be able to cure his Hepatitis A. Dr. Alvin – Medical Doctor

“I felt better, enjoyed sleeping and tumor at my breast had been no existence after consumed buah merah”.

The presence of tumor at Tri Daryanti’s left breast was the first time recognized in 1996. At that time, she unintentionally touched small swollen at lower part of her left breast. “when it was being active, it hardened and hot”, she explained. Time by time it became bigger and bigger, as big as quail egg. It did not only cause a wedge but also pain. Since then similar pains often occurred. Such pain was not every day. But when it occurred, it spread over her back as a result she could not enjoy sleeping. Tri Daryanti

“The doctor said, my brain tumor recovered 90% due to buah merah oil”.

Hamid (54 – year old) was very weak and thin, only remaining skin covering bone. His five senses were disabled. His libido was nearly died. They were caused by tumor cells laid at his brain. He had radiation many times, but it could not make tumor cell inactive. Furthermore, that wild tissue bigger and bigger that caused him could do nothing. Hamid

“Buah merah oil saved my life”.

Now, Albertin has new motivation to live. Some wrinkles and blackened lines around her eye showed his remaining suffer.

Albertin Salong’s body condition is now very much different compared with her condition a year ago when she laid down weakly at one of hospitals in Makassar. Liver cancer caused her body thin as a rail, yellow skin and eye, and weak. Albertin

I thank to Drs. I Made Budi MSc because he sent me buah merah extract for my husband so that he can recover from his disease. The 2nd day consuming buah merah oil), he could eat without assistance even only 3 tablespoon. It also occurred on Sunday evening 8 August 2004 ( the 3rd day of consuming buah merah oil) he could eat without assistance even only 5 tablespoons. Nur

“Cancer cell that formerly was 6cm reduced up to 3cm”.

Susy felt benefits of Pandanus Conoideus Lam (Buah Merah). Since she recognized that she suffered from breast cancer stage 2, she became introvert. Her hand was motionless. She rejected doctor’s recommendation to get operation.

In her anxiousness, her nephew, Jelly Serang, came to bring her buah merah oil. She consumed 2 times in a day each 1 tablespoon. Having consumed 2 bottles of buah merah oil, she was no longer suffered from her disease. Two months later, having consumed 8 bottles each 120 cc, cancer cell that formerly was 6 cm reduced up to 3 cm. now her condition is better. Susy

“Tumor in my womb was killed”.

Mrs. Syahdariyah never predicted if a foreign clot of meat presence in her womb . She has tried to kill a way such tumor, including medical effort through doctor. Doctor judged that she would not able to survive more than 1 year.

On June 2003 she got medication to Bali. One day Mrs. Regent (Habel) prevented her. Having consumed buah merah oil from Drs. I Made Budi MSc caused her recover from her disease.

“its due to 7 bottles buah merah oil from Mrs. Regent,’ she explained. Every day she consumed buah merah oil namely morning, afternoon, and night time. Having consumed 10 bottles of buah merah oil, she was curious with her disease because she was no longer suffered from her disease. Finally, she decided to go to the hospital and asked the doctor to examine her womb . She was surprised when examination proved that the meat occupied her womb was declared missed out. She thanked to God and now she is becoming a healthy person, as always. Syahdariyah

Albertin is not the only person who is recovered from deadly disease. Mrs. Subari, for instance, on September 2002 was attacked by celebral apoplexy or well known with stroke. After 10 days got hospitalized in a hospital at Jayapura, she decided to home even she was not yet recovered. “the left part of my body was motionless,” she explained.

At that time she could not even only to mention a name. She could not see clearly, dizzy, and stress. That was her bad experience in her life. Because having consumed buah merah oil 2 x 1 tablespoon each day for three months, she could walk normally without assistance aid. Now she can teach and explain material in front of her pupils as always. Mrs. Subari

Mrs. Krey: “I had been suffered from stroke for one year and made medication to many doctors”.

However, I had not got satisfactory result, especially to cure my swollen right foot. My left hand and foot were motionless and stiff. The doctor said that I was attacked with serious stroke. In addition, I also consumed expensive western supplement, but no result. Having heard new finding from the University of Cenderawasih, namely buah merah oil, i directly bought and consumed buah merah oil. I just consumed 100ml buah merah oil with frequency one time a day of one teaspoon. I felt incredible change. My swollen foot reduced. I could move my hand normally. Now, I can do my daily activities as a housewife. According to Drs. I Made Budi MSc, i have to continue consuming buah merah oil to be healthy normal person. Mrs. Krey


I got bleeding due to womb obstruction. But the bleeding was totally recovered after i had consumed buah merah oil for 3 days. I consumed buah merah oil 3 times a day, each 1 tablespoon. Now I never get bleeding. Furthermore, I feel fresh and fit as normally. Lolubolan

I was suffered from womb tumor and my stomach was distended like 7 months pregnant. After I consumed buah merah oil about 500ml, my stomach became normal and now I can do my daily activities as always. I have checked my womb to doctor. The result is that there is no tumor in my womb. In addition, i still continue consuming buah merah oil to cut nutrient supply to tumor. Mrs. Wati

I am a housewife who got serious Leucorrhea and its color was yellowish. I had made medication with doctor for 6 months, but no change. I heard buah merah oil product. And then I consulted and interested to consume after I got explanation. Having consumed buah merah oil 100 ml for one week, my Leucorrhea recovered slowly. And then I continued consuming buah merah oil until 500ml. Now I am fresh and free of Leucorrhea. Lita