Cancer and Tumor

Cancer is a number one disease in the world’s. Cancer or tumor caused by irregularity
of hormone journey that resulted in the growth of meat in the normal tissues. This cancer can strike any part of the body such as the womb, breast, blood, skin even brain. Severe cancer disease can cause death.

buah-merah-mixRole of Buah Merah Mix (red fruit) in helping of cancers disease healing process caused by it tocopherol and beta-carotene content which relatively high, these two compounds work together as antioxidants and enhance the immune system. As antioxidants, these compounds play a role both prevent and suppress reproductive cancer cells. Omega 3 is contained in the Buah Merah (red fruit) can also repair the function of damaged tissue, so it is recommended for ca mammae or breast cancer patient.

Cancer patients who had improved usually drink one bottle of Buah Merah Mix Juice per day, in 3 divided doses.