Cancer of the Uterus became smaller

“Sometimes I felt very hurt during my menstruation” said Ussy Sulistyawati. She had tried many pills during her menstruation period. She then decided to see a doctor for a check up. The doctor said that it was worm cancer on the small stadium.

He became so scared after hearing what the doctor had said and agreed to get some surgery to remove the cancer tumor at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

Somebody suggested to her to try a traditional herb from Papua, New Guinea, which is being called the red fruit oil. She consumed it before she went to Singapore. And as a result, before the surgery took place the cancer cells became smaller and smaller only within a week after taking the red fruit oil. She ended up not having any surgery, because after examination the doctor decided that it was not necessary anymore.

She shared with her friends of what had happened to her and suggested to all of them to consume the red fruit oil just for prevention.

Now, not only her, but also her mother is consuming the red fruit oil everyday .