Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is often also called blood sugar disease. This disease caused by pancreas work was disturbed, so it can not produce insulin in sufficient portion. As a result, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed and glucose can not be processed by the body, the sugar content in the blood increases, and then issued together with urine. The symptoms of this disease is sugar content in the urine, decreased weight, always thirsty and hungry, and urinate constantly.

buah-merah-mixMedical treatment for this disease is regularly with inject insulin. In addition, patients also need to set a strict diet and eating patterns. Diabetes healing process can be assisted by Buah Merah Mix consumption because of contain natural vitamin E or tocopherol. Tocopherol in the red fruit will improve the work of the pancreas, which secrete insulin function to be perfect. To get maximum work of red fruit oil, diabetes mellitus patient is recommended to use diets with avoid foods that cause diabetes mellitus (containing carbohydrates and excess sugars).