Dr. I Made Budi – New Cancer Researchers

drmadeDoctor Made (right) receiving Upakarti Cup from The President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (left) for his dedication in researching Indonesian herbal product. (the most fenomenal of his research is the red fruit oil)

Drs. I Made Budi, MSc (balinese name), born in Dumoga, Bolaang Mongondouw, North Sulawesi, on June 2, 1960. He is the son of couple Gomboh and Rai. He finished his elementary school until Senior High School in Bolaang Mongondouw, then he continued his bachelor degree majoring in Biology, Mathematics and natural sciences teaching Faculty (FPMIPA), Manado State Teacher Training Institute (Manado State University – UNIMA). After completed his undergraduate in 1985, he departed to Jayapura, Papua. He dedicated at Biology Department, Mathematics and Natural Sciences faculty, the University of Cendrawasih, Jayapura as teaching staff.

Because he interested in the public nutrition, Drs. I Made Budi MSc – the husband of Siti Sunarsi Yulita – studied nutrition sciences at Post Graduate Program of Bogor Agriculture Institute in 1998. Nutrient content of Buah Merah (Pandanus Conoideus Lam) became object of his research in Post Graduate and he finally got Master of Science (MSc) degree in 2000.

Result of his research in the Post Graduate proved that buah merah contained much of beneficial antioxidant compounds, vitamin, and mineral. Because he believed that they can battle against many degenerative diseases, since 2002 he commenced promoting Buah Merah as medicine for cancer, tumor, diabetes, and some degenerative diseases and food consumption obstruction. In addition, result of his research upon the HIV/AIDS victims showed positive result.


Buah Merah is beneficial for local people, gardener, trader, producer, and consumer. The first four mentioned earned profit of the medicine trading. The last one, to get recovery. Enthusiastic people made Drs. I Made Budi MSc and his family “restless”. Due to non stop ringing, then he made up his mind to make his cellular, his wife cellular, and his assistant cellular and also home phone non active. Callers need the buah merah oil. Drs. I Made Budi MSc was very busy. When Trubus magazine team visited his house on early December 2004, they found fence, window, and door were locked. We found 2 installed writings: “Stock is Over” and “Go Out”.

The people who ordered buah merah oil are from all over country. Whereas demand over production capacity. Many of them ordered by paying down payment and in queue to wait buah merah. Because they knew the importance of advantageous of buah merah to cure diseases.