Experts say Ilocano diet leads to kidney trouble

Ilocano Diet BagnetGo easy on the “bagoong” (salted fish paste) and “bagnet” (deep-fried pork) the next time you dine.

Experts from the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) have cited the Ilocano diet as a common cause of kidney diseases due to high cholesterol and uric acid.

Dr. Virginia Mangati, a nephrologist of the La Union Medical Center (LUMC) and NKTI coordinator, said those with salty and fatty diet have been found to have kidney diseases

“We need to be cautious of salt and fat intake. Cut down on processed food, soft drinks and maintain a normal body weight,” she said.

Mangati also discouraged the frequent intake of over-the counter pills and to have urinalysis at least twice a year to detect early signs of kidney trouble.

She said a urine sample could show early signs of urinary tract infection (UTI) which may worsen to become a kidney disease if it goes undetected.

urinary tract infections (UTI)

Mangati cited UTI symptoms which include burning sensation or difficulty during urination, frequent urination at night, blood stains in the urine, back pains just below the ribs, high blood pressure, puffiness around eyes and swelling of hands and feet especially in children.

“Kidney diseases are either acquired or hereditary. Other risk patterns are complications from high blood and diabetes,” she said.

The NKTI said kidney diseases remain the tenth leading cause of death among Filipinos.