Hepatitis B alternative remedy

In 1997 a man was hospitalized in a very weak state. His name is Wardoyo. He was in the army. His skin was yellow and the face very pale. The man was so hopeless and gave up to live. He couldn’t even react when people were visiting him in the hospital. Sometimes he touched his stomach with his hand because he was in so much pain. The reason for his weakness was caused by the virus Hepatitis B

Since 1986 he was always routinely checked up every two months. Because of his routine check up, he never expected to contract the hepatitis B virus. He started to get weak in 1993 without knowing what the problem was. His health condition decreased and he started to neglect it. He was too busy with his job and started to eat less also.

He didn’t have much of an appetite and wanted to vomit after every meal. He lost a lot of weight and the doctors suggested doing an intensive examination of the swollen stomach.

He was admitted to Pertamina Hospital in Cirebon. They took a blood test and the results were very bad. The SGPT and SGOT were totally out of the normal range. That means the liver was not functioning. Normally, SGOT is 17 mu / cc, and SGPT is 13 mu/cc maximum.

Wardoyo had a very high SGOT and SGPT and the doctor diagnosed that Wardoyo got the hepatitis B infection. It is also causing a chronic hepatitis and cyrosis (hardening of the liver) and could eventually develop into liver cancer.

After being in the hospital for a full week without any improvement, he decided to look for an alternative remedy. He went to another clinic without any results.

The Treatment

Then, during an exhibition he was introduced to the Buah Merah (Red Fruit Oil). He bought 2 bottles and consumed it 2 x 1 spoon daily. He also mixed it with jungle worm to recover from the hepatitis. The combination of the red fruit oil and jungle worm was very effective. He felt much better only within a few days after taking this mixture. He became stronger and stronger and did not have to vomit anymore.

The lab test showed that the SGOT and SGPT was going down. So, he kept consuming the pills while consuming the buah merah (red fruit oil).