How to Heal Damaged Liver Naturally Within a Month

Liver has the function of filtering out toxins and remove them from the body as quickly as possible, but the organ has a much bigger task now, than 100 years ago. Our bodies are exposed to lots of toxins on daily basis making the liver work in overdrive to keep up. These toxins which we incorporate through fried foods and fruits treated with pesticides and toxins can make lead to liver damage.

What are the causes and symptoms of liver damage?

The following symptoms will denote that you have liver damage: abnormal stool and urine in color, size and timing; yellowing of the skin without any improvements with changes in diet or habits; development of mononucleosis; yellow or bloodshot whites of the eyes; and upset stomach or digestive issues. A liver enzyme test can show you whether the enzymes are normal or not.

The common cause for liver damage is excessive alcohol intake, also unhealthy diet, excess of fatty, fried, or processed foods. Moreover, if your diet is devoid of fruits and vegetables, you may be at risk. Furthermore, this disease can be genetic, thus keep an eye of these symptoms if anyone in your family had this health issue.

Natural treatments are much better than conventional treatments

Conventional treatments may be damaging to your health. A liver transplant can take you years to get and a vast amount of money leaving you reliant on immunosuppressant medications, and there is a longer period of healing after the transplantation. The same benefits can be received through natural treatments without any side effects.

Fresh squeezed juice – drink a lot of fresh juices daily using organic fruits and vegetables. Invest in a juicer to save your health.
Oregano oil – it will help you get rid of infections that have taken root in your body due to liver failure. It can be used both internally and externally.
Clean water – drink at least 4 liters if water every day.
Cranberry juice – it is excellent for the organs and can help you detox your liver. Drink it without any added sugar.
Herbal supplements – there are many herbal supplements on the market which are helpful in improving liver health.

This protocol can be time-consuming, but it’s worth if you want to strengthen your liver naturally.


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