How to prevent degenerative diseases

Degenerative disease is a disease in which the function or structure of the affected tissues or organs increasingly deteriorate over time, whether due to normal bodily wear or lifestyle choices such as exercise or eating habits. Often contrasted with infectious diseases.

Don’t let it steal your joy and take you prisoner

body-diseaseDegenerative diseases are among the most feared ailments today. They take a progressive toll on a body and can often lead to death. It can never be over-stressed how important it is to be on the attack as early as possible at the very first signs of disease.

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Would you like to sail effortlessly into an active retirement, avoiding cancer, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as you age?

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The Short Story

The human body peaks at age 25.
life spanThe above graph represents the life and health span of the average person. The length of the green line in the above graph is life span – how long you live. The section shaded green is the amount of health in your years. You can see the amount of health in your years starts on a steep incline as you grow the body to a peak at age 25 then starts a gradual decline until death. The yellow section represents the health you lose as your body ages. This loss of health is largely avoidable. The process of moving that dividing line so more of the yellow is shaded green is called the recantgularisation of your health-span. The optimum is to not lose any health after age 25, to have no yellow section at all and to retain all your physical and mental capacity until you die in a hang gliding accident at 150+ years of age!

Nutritional FactorThe average is vastly different from that. If you are past age 25, your body has been as good as it will ever be. By age 35 you have lost 13% of your hormone production capacity and it only gets worse from there. You are now on the slippery slope towards overweight or obesity, cancer, heart disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease that is the sorry lot of the majority. The vast majority. Currently in Western civilization, 91% of people die from heart disease, cancer or neurodegenerative disease (stroke, Alzheimer’s or the like).

Based on statistics, you, your spouse and your friends will nearly all die an early death from an avoidable disease. Unless you do something out of the ordinary!

Do average things and you will get average results! To get an above average result you have to do different things.

The Perfect Storm of Health Destroyers

The Perfect Storm of Health DestroyersRight now your body faces a perfect storm of health destroyers. Each of these factors predisposes you to, promotes, precipitates or prolongs degenerative diseases.

These degenerative disease are, in the main, entirely avoidable. The decisions you make and the daily actions you take affect how quickly your body ages. These decisions are important decisions but not urgent. Like the medical profession, you could wait until it’s a crisis before you start managing it. I don’t recommend it, but you could do it. After all, most people do. It kills them, but it is still the norm and nearly everyone does it.

Degenerative diseases are mostly avoidable!

Your current problem is twofold:

1. Right now you are suffering from something of which you are not aware – AAADD.
That stands for “Artificially Accelerated Aging and its Degenerative Diseases.”
I did not invent the condition, I just named it.
The condition is where your mind and body are aging far faster than they need to. This is due to factors of which you are not aware. Factors that, if you knew about them, could alter your future health for the better. Sometimes drastically!

2. Too many people and organizations make too much money from your future suffering for them to ever let you in on the secrets to maintaining great mental and physical health, well into your later years.

The drug companies want you on an ever increasing number of medications for the symptoms of diseases they cannot cure. As part of this secret war they and their accomplices attack and discredit the very things that could prevent diseases in the first place! Now if that weren’t bad enough, not only do that but they also withhold potentially life saving information from doctors and illegally promote the use of their drugs for conditions they have not the approval to treat.

You, on the other hand, want to look good, feel great, be healthy, happy and to enjoy life.

If you win this war you’ll enjoy an old age of reasonable health with your memory and body in good shape, drug and medication free for a very long time. If you lose you’ll be short changed a healthy retirement, and live life increasingly incapacitated and incapable and increasingly dependent on medication. Which would you prefer?

I want you to win your war.
I want to assist you to escape the greedy clutches of what some call “the sickness industry”!

Do you still trust those who profit only from your sickness and not from your health?

I am sorry to have to tell you this but the sad, horrible truth of the matter is that you cannot rely on your doctor to know and recommend what is good for your health. Most of them know next to nothing about nutrition and are fed a constant diet of drug company propaganda.

To do the very best for your health you need to educate yourself. You need to arm yourself with the facts so you don’t fall into traps or step on land mines placed by those who would profit from your sickness.

In order to get off of the bad road to nutritional factor disease, one has to accept that whereas medicine is the realm of others to prescribe — doctors and hospitals and government, nutrition is an individual’s choice, both to become informed and to implement.

With the discoveries of nutritional science that you can learn at this web site, it is now your choice as to how you want to live and die.

A great image to keep in our brain is that our body is like a high performance car. Maintain it and it will delight us with how well it works. Don’t maintain it and eventually it will barely get us to the store and back.

“Get the Best Healthy Eating, Living Regime!”

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