Lung problems disappeared

A 34 year old man from Sleman, Central Java, Indonesia, by the name of Sulistyo Nugroho can smile and joke with his family now, however only a few years ago , he coughed continually and as a result his breast was hurting so bad, that he couldn’t work very well. It was at the end of 2002. He didn’t take care of his illness that much in the beginning. He consumed general pills. His wife was pregnant at the same time. The cough was getting even worse after the baby was born. He couldn’t sleep at all during the night because of his cough.

The Diagnose

His wife took him to the doctor for a check up. After the examination the doctor did not say anything. He was given medication without any results. He also tried Javanese and Chinese herbal traditional medicines. He went to a Chinese medication man, called a sinshe. and had to pay 5 million rupiahs for the traditional medication. His breast got better but he didn’t keep consuming the sinshe pills because of the high price. He went back to the doctor because his lungs wer still not good. The regular doctor and a specialist checked him out. Some doctors said that it was TBC (Tuberculosis).
His body was cold even in hot weather and his condition was getting worse. He had a bitter taste and he became skinnier. The weight dropped from 75 to 50 kg.

The Appeared Hope

Someone offered him to use the red fruit oil. He began to consume the red fruit oil on December 2004. He consumed 3 x 3 tea spoons of the red fruit oil daily. He decided not to work for a couple of weeks while consuming the red fruit oil. He became better within a few days. He got many benefits by consuming the red fruit oil. The cough and the breast pain almost disappeared. He was now able to sleep all night.