Nasal Tumor condition improved considerably

Nur Hasyim is an employer of a fertilizer company, PT. Pusri, in Palembang. Nur Hasyim spent two weeks in a hospital, but his condition got worse, and didn’t have an appetite. The body temperature was very high, approximately 38.2 – 39.5 0 C. The only medication they gave him, were pills for flu.

He had this nasal tumor since October 2000. Firstly, he experienced bleeding of the left nostril. Doctors performed a CT Scan observation early 2001 and found a tumor inside the nose and it had spread to the left side of the cheek and under the front side of the brain, just behind the left eye. Because of the seriousness, the doctor recommended to have surgery.

The surgery was successful and was done in June 2001. Unfortunately, the tumor inside the nasal of the left nostril was still there, and there was also still a tumor on the frontside of the brain and behind the left eye, because the doctor did not want to risk the patient’s life.

Nur Hasyim was no hopeless. He could not eat nor drink well. Of course, as a result he lost a lot of weight

He had a blood transfusion in July 2004, just to raise the hemoglobin. The hemoglobin showed at 7. And the blood transfusion did not go well either.

Someone encouraged him to consume the red fruit oil 3 times a day.

After he followed this advise, just after a few days taking the red fruit oil, his condition improved considerably. He was able to eat again normally, first day only a a little but gradually more and more. He began to eat well though 3 spoonfeed only. The swelling of the nasal was recovered and it was not babbling anymore. The doctor let him back home on the 22 nd day of consuming the red fruit oil.