People Do Not Die From Cancer!

HORRIFYING: Professor From Berkely College Says: People Do Not Die From Cancer! People Die From Chemotherapy And In Terrible Pain!

For 25 years, the professor was studying the effects of chemotherapy and came to a horrifying conclusion!

The cancer industry is just an industry after all! Doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders in this industry profit whenever a patient accepts the intoxicating treatment that is chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to remove parts of the body. Science covers this, despite the claims from the medical industry that chemotherapy does not work in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, has studied the life expectancy of cancer patients for more than 25 years, when he concluded that chemotherapy does not work.

He testified that chemotherapy patients often die a horrible death. They also died much faster and more painful than patients who opted for a different approach. What he found was that chemotherapy actually shortened the life and killed patients, and everything is kept secret because of the millions of dollars in play!

chemotherapyPeople who refused chemotherapy treatment live an average of 12 and a half years longer than the people who are receiving chemotherapy,” Dr. Johns said in his study published in the New Your Academy of Sciences. “People who accept chemotherapy die within 3 years, and many just a few weeks after starting the treatment.” “Patients with breast cancer who reject conventional therapy live four times longer than those who follow the system. This is something you will not hear in the mass media that will continue to spread the myth that chemotherapy is the best medicine to fight cancer!”

Another study published in 1979 in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that the most common methods for breast cancer treatment, which are still used, did nothing to reduce the rate of breast cancer or prolong life. Similar findings were published in two studies, one in Israel in 1978, and the other in Britain, published in The Lancet in 1980. Both confirmed chemotherapy did not improve the survival of breast cancer patients in that decade. “The carefully hidden truth is that many people who “died of cancer “actually have died from treatment that included chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy works by killing healthy cells in the body before they destroy the cancer that can develop very slow and in some natural ways even stop and restrain,”, the study explained.

Most patients who “died of cancer” actually died of malnutrition, because cancerous cells take nutrients from our body and blood and destroy the immune system, so the body cannot defend itself.

Modern medicine hides the truth about cancer therapy. One treatment costs 300000-1000000$! That is why it continues offering chemotherapy to cancer patients. Chemotherapy does not remove cancer nor extend the life. It just burdens the body so much that the patients eventually die from it.

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