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Improved the intelligence of human brain

One way to help at improve intelligence of human brain is stimulate the growth of the baby’s brain when still in the womb and in growth time. One way is by taking the essential acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. Both should be consumed together to make the effective work. Omega 3 and […]


This disease is caused by swelling at the end of the release channel or rectum. People who attacked by hemorrhoid, in the anus will feel hot and sick. This tormented feeling will occur mainly after eating spicy food or at defecation. In cases of severe hemorrhoid sometimes anal glands can get out. Such hemorrhoid is […]

Disturbance on Eye

Diseases that often strike the eye, such as temporary blindness and blindness disease, usually caused by deficiency of vitamin A. Meanwhile, vitamin A can not be produced by the body. This is where the role of beta-carotene in the Buah Merah Mix (red fruit). Beta-carotene is absorbed by the body and then converted into vitamin […]


Osteoporosis or porous bone that typically attack older people, especially women. The cause of osteoporosis is calcium deficient, so the body takes calcium from the bones and causes bones to become porous. The ability of red fruit to help prevent and healing process of osteoporosis caused by high calcium content on red fruits. In every […]

Uric acid

Uric acid disease occurs because the liver function did not work as it should, so that the liver produce excessive uric acid. Uric acid is then deposited in the kidneys and into stone, then carried through the bloodstream to the body and accumulate, especially in the fingers and toes. Tocopherols role in terms of helping […]