Uric acid

buah-merah-mixUric acid disease occurs because the liver function did not work as it should, so that the liver produce excessive uric acid. Uric acid is then deposited in the kidneys and into stone, then carried through the bloodstream to the body and accumulate, especially in the fingers and toes.

Tocopherols role in terms of helping the healing the uric acid is to dilute and facilitate blood flow, which improves the working lever system. Good working liver system can reduced uric acid production and improve the work of the heart. Natural fat in Buah Merah Mix (red fruit) also can block out excess uric acid. Despite have consumed buah merah mix, the patients should remain on a diet with avoid food that can trigger uric acid disease.

Avoid Eating Eat Less
Organ meats like liver, kidney, brain Asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, and spinach
Small fish (like ikan bilis, sardines and fish roe) Peanuts, dhal, beans and peas
Meat extracts, yeast extracts (like marmite) and stock cubes Chiku and custrad apple
Sea food like crab, cockles, prawns, scallops Whole grain breads and cereal, soyabean products like beancurd