Stroke is a disease that attacks the brain. This disease is usually caused by a frozen blood and accompanied by a narrowing of blood vessels. High blood pressure also became one of the triggers of this disease. If blood pressure rises, blood clot, and there was narrowing of blood vessels, blood supply to the brain will be reduced. In fact, the blood vessels can rupture. This disease can cause paralysis in the limbs, either total paralysis or one side paralysis.

buah-merah-mixRole of Buah Merah Mix (red fruit) is to prevent and help treat of stroke attack. Chemical compounds that act is tocopherol. Tocopherol in the red fruit is a natural tocopherol and prevents blood clotting by dilute the blood . Blood clotting effect is can be avoided and blood flow to the brain becomes smooth. Buah Merah Mix (red fruit) also serve to improve heart working system. So blood pressure is too high can be decreased.

To prevent and help cure a stroke consume 1 bottle of Buah Merah Juice per day, in 3 divided doses. Beside that, the stroke patient noticed to attention the eating pattern with a diet and not consume wafarin.