The Buah Merah (Red Fruit) is Liver Cancer Recoverer

Albertin Salong comes from Makassar. She was very weak as a result of her liver cancer (Cyrosis). On May 2003, 7 litres of yellow fluid had to be taken out from her body. This procedure had to be done every two weeks. After every treatment she felt okay for a few days only. Finally the doctor gave up all hopes of recovery and she felt very so helpless.

Someone came to her and suggested to try the red fruit oil. She consumed the red fruit oil 2×1 daily since September 2003.

A huge change happened to her after one week of consuming. She was better and better day by day.

lbertin Salong is one of many patients who received benefits from the red fruit oil. It has been proven that the red fruit oil can heal diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, hepatitis, heart coronary disease, osteoprosis, HIV and many other lethal diseases.