The Buah Merah (Red Fruit) vs Breast Cancer

Hariyanti, a mother of 2 daughters, had a lot of pain in her breasts. Although the pain was sometimes unbearable, she didn’t want to get surgery. Instead she consumed the Red Fruit since 2004 and her condition was getting better and better as a result.
In 2003, there was a little spot on her left breast. She didn’t think much of it in the beginning, but she finally went to the doctor because of a very painful breast. She was shocked when she got the results from the doctor. She refused to get surgery however.


She consumed many traditional herbs and never recovered. One day in 2004, the spot opened up and a white melt was coming out and the skin turned black. The wound became worse and worse. The herbs did not do anything for her, and her breasts became more painful.

One of her friends came over one day and suggested to try the Red Fruit Oil.
She consumed 3×1 spoons per day. Within five days she felt better and her black spot was clearing up day by day. Also, the white melt became fresh blood.

The doctor who practices at Boro general hospital gave her vitamins only. She just consumed the red fruit extract and she became healthy afterwards.