The Fading of Breast Cancer

Tri Daryanti is a woman who comes from Boyolali, Central Java.

Tri Daryanti suffered for a very long time. She has had pain in her breast, her fingers and she also had no feeling in a part of her leg because of a previous accident.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996. Sometimes, her breast was so hardened and had a burning feeling. Her breast grew bigger and bigger. She had also a lot of pain in her spine. She couldn’t sleep well as a result of these problems and finally decided to get a medical check up. She had a blood test, urine test, heart test, and a blood pressure test as well.

The doctor diagnosed that she had 2nd stage breast cancer. She didn’t have any appetite, lost a lot of weight and her body became skinnier and skinnier.
Her family tried many remedies. She used alternative medicine for approximately three years without any results.

Because her husband was transferred for his job, she moved to Jayapura; there she visited a doctor that told her that she will get worse if she didn’t get an immediate operation, which she then had done as the doctor recommended.

She did not feel any pain after the first weeks of surgery, however not long thereafter the pain started again and the wounds on her breast never dried up. She suffered for another two years before she heard about the “red fruit” oil. She consumed it together with some shark oil. After taking the “buah Merah, she felt much better and was able to sleep again. The cancer subsided only after two weeks after first consuming the “Buah Merah”.

Although she has been totally recovered, she keeps taking the red fruit oil to maintain her healthy condition.