About Essensa Naturale Products and Testimonies


Essensa Naturale is a Product Driven Company with a great cause. Helping people for alleviating from illness into wellness.
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Essensa Naturale is Backup with its sister company that has the strong Manufacturing Facilities and capabilities.

Lynx-Nia Medica Inc. operates the latest state of the art machines to serve its growing clientele and continuously researches and works on better and more improved cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical products.

LYNX-NIA MEDICA, INC. is a duly registered Corporation with the Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD) licensed as a Cosmetic Laboratory and Drug Laboratory. The Company is on strict compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) and is capable.

Core Values

To create a demand for the products that we carry – cosmetics, fragrances , nutritional supplements and environmentally friendly home cleaning products.

Strive to have a more attractive product value compared to direct competition as well as those who provide strong substitute.

To create a profitable company that sells cosmetics, fragrance, nutritional supplements and environmentally friendly cleaning products ( to make a descent margin ).
Design more efficient marketing programs/modules that do away with the inefficient traditional distribution systems.

Our Mission

To create a reputation for high-quality products that offers “ The best naturals alternative” to commercially wants and needs of the people.
To develop a community of “ people helping people” a social responsibility that has to be instilled in every individual.
To build a profitable company with solid integrity that adheres to moral standards and ethical principles.
To design a perfect marketing system and a long-term strategy that supports its members and the achievement of its financial goals.

Our Vision

The company exists to distribute only unique, high-quality, more organic and healthy products that promote beauty and wellness to the people . We offers a naturals alternative to all your daily commercially available needs and wants.

We only have one Earth and we love it so much that we want to actively participate in the nature conservation and improvement of the state of the environment.
We guarantee that we do not add up Environment Toxicity with the products that we offer.

We partner with you in the achievement of your personal and financial dreams as we ensure the company’s corporate health. Moreover, the company’s mission is centered on 3C

To satisfy the needs, wants and expectations of target CUSTOMERS.
For the COMPANY to ensure corporate health and profit.
To outperform COMPETITION (to capture a bigger market share).