How to Register New Account

How to Enter New Account in the System

  • How to add your downline the new member/dealer
  1. Login to your account at After you login to your account, Your will be redirected to the “My Account Summary.
  2. On the Members Menu on the Left, Go to “Binary Structure” and click “Binary Graphical View”.


Binary Structure/Graphical View

Click on the available slot as shown below. You can choose either left or right of the vacant (gray) slot.


Select Registration Package

TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP / CODES (Builder, BStarter, BSDealer)

  1. Distributor Builder (B500 Member)
  2. Distributor Starter (S2,000 Member)
  3. Dealership (D5980)

Sample BSD Code included in the Dealers Package



NOTE: If you have already REGISTRATION CODE as shown above, Just Click the Distributor Builder


Fill up the Registration form with your downline or New Member Information Details:



After filling up all the information/details check I agree box and validate the Application Form.



Once the registration was Successfully Processed, Logout to your account and login to the New Members account and upgrade the account (enter additional codes S2000 and D5980)